TOC-L Series (Combustion)

The market-leading Total Organic Carbon analyser



  •  Powerful catalytic combustion at 680°C
     Developed by Shimadzu and now used worldwide, the method offers a combination of efficient and complete oxidation of all organic compounds, even suspended samples, with long service life.
  •  Versatile, modular system architecture 
     Featuring a large dynamic measurement range from as low as 4µg/L to 30.000mg/L, the
    TOC-L has been designed to enable complete customisation of modules to meet your specific application requirements.

  •  Reliable and efficient sample injection system
     Allows automatic sample acidification and sparging, preparation of standards, as well as the ability to automatically dilute over-range samples, further reducing maintenance and sample preparation effort caused by demanding Matrices.
  •  Easy, intuitive operation
     Our TOC-Control software is known for its ease of use and intuitive operation, while the „Virtual Advisor“ assists you with daily use and periodic maintenance.

Efficient oxidation of all organic carbon compounds

Shimadzu’s 680°C catalytic combustion method


The TOC-L Series utilises the 680°C catalytic combustion oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide.
It completely oxidizes easily decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, as well as hard-to-decompose insoluble, macromolecular and even particulate organic compounds.
The use of a platinum catalyst results in oxidation to CO2 at a lower furnace temperature compared to conventional methods. This is not only more energy efficient, but also aids in increasing combustion tube life time and minimizing the effect of high salt contents in samples.


The high-temperature catalytic oxidation technique complies among others with the following standardisations:
EN 1484, ISO 20236, ISO 8245, EN 12260 (using TNM-L option), EN 15936 (using SSM-5000A option).


Versatility through modularity 

Ultra wide measurement and application range

Our high-sensitivity models (TOC-L CxH) allow a wide dynamic measurement range from 4 µg/L to 30.000 mg/L, enabling the analysis of samples from ultrapure water to highly contaminated water. The standard sensitivity models (TOC-L CxN) offer excellent value for money for more routine TOC measurements. All TOC-L models are capable of TC, IC, TOC ( =TC–IC) and NPOC measurement, while options enable Total Nitrogen (TN) and even direct POC (volatile organic carbon) measurement. Read more


Options to further enhance functionality

Featuring sophisticated options and accessories, the TOC-L can be adapted to meet a wide range of applicational needs, including tailored autosamplers, a Nitrogen module to allow the simultaneous analysis of TOC and TN, the use of low-cost compressor air as carrier gas and measurement of gaseous and solid samples.



For the analysis of more demanding matrices such as seawater, suspended solids, concentrated acids and chemicals, we offer specific accessories that help to significantly reduce the maintenance requirements while maintaining excellent measurement results. Read more

What if your analytical focus changed? No problem, nearly all options and accessories can be retro fitted at a later date, as needs change, without having to replace the main analyser unit. The TOC-L really does represent a sound investment for the future.


Reliable and efficient 

Integrated sample preparation (ISP) and injection system

The TOC-L is equipped with Shimadzu’s well-proven ISP-module, realizing fully automatic sample preparation, like acidification, sparging, injection and rinsing for TOC analysis. These steps can be conducted both in the closed environment of the main unit, to avoid contamination by e.g. ambient air, or in the ASI-L autosampler, saving time and enabling the analysis of particle-containing samples.


To counteract cross-contamination, inert materials are used for sample-wetted components. Flow line diameters have been optimized to handle various particle loads and results in increased flow velocities to avoid sedimentation effects.


Automatic dilution function


The ISP module allows the automatic dilution of sample and calibration solutions. This can be utilized for effortless and standard-compliant creation of multi-point calibration curves out of a single stock solution. No need to purchase or to dilute multiple calibration solutions by hand.

Furthermore, it allows the system to automatically extend the configured calibration range for automatic range adjustment, or to reduce matrix effects of challenging samples, keeping maintenance effort at a Minimum.


Easy, intuitive operation

Designed for everyday use


TOC-L does monitor all parameters vital for TOC analysis, such as gas supply status, furnace temperatures and detector performance. The analyser condition can be conveniently monitored across the room by an easy to see LED strip in the analyser’s front door, as well as from the analyser software.


Shimadzu’s TOC-Control PC software has been designed to simplify analysis work with an easy-to-understand display screen and a variety of convenient and time saving functions, including:

- Ability to set up batches by simple drag-and-drop of pre-defined settings
- Addition or modification of samples during running measurement
- Connectivity to LIMS Systems 
- QC functions, such as automatic control sample measurement with charting
- Compliance with GxP regulations with inbuilt Audit Trail, user administration and the possibility to integrate with the LabSolutions
DB/CS framework for ER/ES functions

Read more


Standalone Model                 PC-Controlled Model



Furthermore, Shimadzu’s TOC-L is available as standalone model with inbuilt LCD and keyboard for on-site or at-line TOC analysis (sacrificing GxP functions).

To assist operators with routine operation, Shimadzu has launched its interactive Virtual Advisor website. After a short registration step, the user will be offered a host of information relating to TOC-V and TOC-L Series, like flow diagrams, troubleshooting and periodic maintenance.


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