USF-2000 - Very High Cycle Fatigue Testing


1010 cycles within 6 days

Worldwide most efficient very high cycle fatigue testing system


Your Benefit: Complete service life of 1010 cycles within 6 days! The USF-2000 very high cycle fatigue testing system provides the most time- and cost-efficient test procedure for reliable service life data.


Within just 6 days instead of at least 1 year, the USF-2000 system gives information and certainty about the loading capacity of metallic and other materials. Applying 20 kHz cycle frequency, it completes 1010 cycle tests more than 60 times faster compared to 300 Hz. For automotive, aerospace and railway applications in particular, the reliability of materials has to be predictable to provide best quality and highest safety for consumers and peace-of-mind for manufacturers.



Key features and key benefits

  • Suitable for long-life evaluation of materials, measured more than 60 times faster compared to 300 Hz (reaching 1010 cycles within 6 days compared to 1 year with 300 Hz).
  • Possible to generate high stress, e.g. for steels having the strength level of 1,000 MPa or higher.
  • Detects and monitors fatigue mechanisms, micro-defects and inclusions.
  • Low power consumption by utilizing resonance – no oil or cooling water required.


USF-2000 extended features at a glance

  • 20 kHz ± 500 Hz test frequency
       109 cycle test in 14 hours (compared to 39 days at 300 Hz)
       1010 cycle test in 6 days (compared to 365 days at 300 Hz)
  • 1/100 W consumption compared to a regular fatigue test  
  • ...and much more





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  • Test-setting from Day 1 to Day 6
  • Special features and key benefits
  • Compact, time-saving, reduced power consumption

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AppNote "Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) Assessment of Laser Additive Manufactured (LAM) AlSi12 Alloy"

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