UV-VIS detector

UV/Vis Detector: SPD-40 / 40V

The SPD-40/40V is a UV-VIS detector which offers highly sensitive analyte detection (Noise level ≤ 4.0 x 10-6 AU), and a wide linear range (2.5 AU). The UV version (SPD-40) features a dual wavelength mode within the wavelength range of 190 to 700 nm while the UV-Vis model (SPD-40V)  covers the entire range from 190 to 1000 nm. Noise and drift are minimized by the fully temperature controlled optical system and flow cell. The built-in cell ID stores cell information in method and data files. Both the deuterium (D2) and tungsten (W) lamps have a built-in chip to monitor usage hours. A variety of flow cells that can be replaced easily by the user are available for applications ranging from standard HPLC to UHPLC, semi-micro, and preparative purification.


Multi Wavelength Detector: SPD-30AM

The SPD-30AM high-sensitivity multi wavelength detector combines highly sensitive multi-wavelength analysis with the ease-of-use of a standard UV detector. This model achieves a 0.4 × 10-6 AU noise level, while the SR-Cell (Sensitivity and Resolution Cell) significantly cuts peak dispersion. The SPD-30AM can be used in conventional HPLC as well as UHPLC analyses. The optional high-sensitivity cell has an 85 mm optical path length and is able to detect trace amounts of analytes that are difficult to detect with standard UV/VIS detectors. The temperature-controlled optics result in improved baseline stability.


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