UVProbe is multifunctional, easy-to-use software supplied as standard with Shimadzu UV-VIS Spectrophotometers. When combined with CLASS-Agent, it provides powerful support for Part 11 compatibility.



Measurement modules with diverse data-processing and calculation functions


A kinetics (time-course) measurement mode is availableKinetics measurement
in addition to spectral and photometric (quantitative) modes.
Comprehensive data-processing functions are provided for each mode.







Free-format report creation


Reports can be created with a free layout of graphs andFree-format report creation
tables. The thickness and color of graph lines can be
changed, and text and diagrams pasted. Finished layouts
can be conveniently saved as templates.








GLP/GMP support functions


Offers comprehensive GLP/GMP support functions, includingGLP/GMP Support

security functions such as user authentication and authority

settings, audit-trail functions for original acquired data and data

processing history, and instrument log.
Connection to the optional CLASS-Agent software offers powerful

support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Data acquired using UVProbe and

calculated data can be automatically or manually registered for

management in a database.

When the security functions are enabled, an identification

code and password are required when logging in. Advanced

settings are available for the password. The functions assigned

to each user can be restricted as well.

  • Security functions
  • Audit Trail Functions
  • Data is stored in a file inside a directory structure. After calculations and other data processing based on original acquired data, the results are saved by creating new data inside the same file separate from the original data. The history log (user, date, operations) is also maintained inside this file.
  • Data History Function
  • If a change is made to measurement data, a history of this is added to the data.

    To use these functions, UVProbe must be installed in Security mode or GLP mode.



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