Shimadzu & Merck Seminar Series on Food & Beverages Analytics

Foodstuffs provide nutirition for people and animals. They contain nutrients that supply the necessary energy and enable functions essential to life. Numerous laws and regulations exists to guarantee the safety and quality of foodstuffs. Analytics has become an indispenable tool for monitoring food, commodities and stimulants. The demands on analytics are constantly increasing.

Shimadzu and Merck would like to invite you again to several one day user seminars that will introduce a wide range of new applications, as well as tips and tricks for implementing them in food laboratories. The training Seminar is aimed at all analysts of foodstuffs - from contract laboratories to food producers' on-site laboratories. In addition to a comprehensive lecture programme, there will be plenty of time for analysts converse and network.

This year the food seminars will be held in several european countries. To attend one of those seminars select your country and register.

Following we will show you an exemplary Agenda. Most of the topics will take place in all seminars but there might be some specialised local topics as well. Check them out on our local Eventpages.


Please be aware of that this is just an exemplary Agenda with the basic topics of the seminar. In each local country there might be specific changes depending on their local demands. 

09:00 h Registration and Coffee - Start of the Seminar at 09:30 h
09:30 h Welcome and short Presentation of Shimadzu and Merck
09:50 h Determination of contaminants in food and food packaging using ICPMS
10:15 h Fast, efficient and cost effective Chromatographic solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry from Merck
10:40 h Suitable quality of purified water in the analytical Lab of Food and Beverages
10:50 h                                                         Coffee break and Exhibition
11:20 h Analysis of Phospholipids and Fat-Soluble Vitamins using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography SFC-MS/MS
11:45 h Quality Assurance for water determination with Karl Fischer titration in food, beverages and raw materials - with practical tips for reproducible and reliable results
12:10 h                                                        Lunch break and Exhibition
13:10 h Sample preparation for fatty & complex food matrices, providing higher efficiency and more reliable results
13:35 h MOSH/ MOAH Analytics 2.0 - LCGC Coupling and Comprehensive GCMS for the Analysis of Mineral Oil in Food and Food Packaging
14:00 h                                                        Coffe break and Exhibition
14:30 h Filtration and Particle-Monitoring in the F&B Lab & Sample Preparation for Intrumental Analytics
14:55 h Sum Parameter TOC - Cleaning Validation in the Food Industry
15:20 h Final discussion, feedback and Certificates of Attendance
15:30 h Optional: Demonstration of Instruments
16:15 h End of Seminar


Germany Leipzig 14th of May 2019 Closed
Switzerland Olten 21st of May 2019 Closed
Germany Darmstadt 5th of June 2019 Closed
France Paris 13th of June 2019 Closed
Netherlands Rotterdam Blijdorp 8th of October 2019 Register here!
Austria Wien (Vienna) 17th of October 2019 Register here!
Italy Bologna 22nd of October 2019 Register here! 
United Kingdom Milton Keynes 6th of November 2019 Register here!


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