Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement FY2020

The "UK Modern Slavery Act 2015“ is a British law, enacted in October 2015, which obliges our company to make and publish annually a statement about forced labor, human trafficking and child labor.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH supports this law and ensures to reject firmly any kind of forced labor, human trafficking and child labor.

We regard the “UK Modern Slavery Act 2015“ as a law which is in line with our company-owned and globally applied “Code of Ethics”. With the “Code of Ethic” we commit ourselves to obeying all applicable laws and regulations, like for example the „General Equal Treatment Act“ or the “Minimum wage law”.

Following internal measures are applied to communicate our company’s ethical and moral values and to ensure compliance with it

  • “Code of Ethics” is provided and informed to new employees before commencement of work
  • “Code of Ethics” internal training for all staff gets done regularly during all-hands-meetings
  • Information and on-call availability of company’s ethic rules through electronic publishing
  • Changes, for example of laws, get steadily actualized and informed to all staff

To meet the requirements of the "Modern Slavery Act” and “Minimum wage law” throughout all trade channels we request written confirmations from our suppliers.  

Thus we will establish an up-dated supplier assessment sheet which will warranty that it will expressively only then come to a contract conclusion if the contractor agrees to the conditions mentioned above.

This means that with acceptance of the order, the contractor warrants that neither it, nor its suppliers or subcontractors, do in no form operate or support any kind of forced labor, human trafficking and/or child labor. 

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