Hyper Vision HPV-X2

  • Recording speed of 10 million frames/second, the highest in its class
  • Larger, clearer, high-sensitivity recording
  • Equipped with synchronized recording function, and high-level analytical capabilities that accommodate a variety of software programs

Numerous Subjects of Observation Requiring Time Resolution of One Millionth of a Second or Less

Visualization technology, based on the high-speed recording and slow motion replay of phenomena via a high-speed video camera, is widely used in a variety of fields. The following are examples of fields requiring high-speed observation, requiring time resolution of one millionth of a second or less.

  • Airflow in wind tunnel tests
  • High-speed impact tests for aerospace materials
  • The behavior of high-speed flying objects
  • The generation and propagation of shockwaves

  • The behavior of plasma in plasma generators
  • Observation of the failure process of semiconductor devices

  • The failure behavior of automotive body materials
  • The combustion process in engines
  • The injection process in fuel injection equipment

  • Observation of the machining process in welding equipment and machining equipment
  • Operation error analysis of manufacturing equipment devices

  • The drug release process in drug delivery systems
  • The generation and disappearance process of microbubbles, which are utilized for sterilization and ultrasound diagnosis

  • The process of manufacturing nanomaterials through atomization
  • The denaturing process of metals

  • The inkjet ink discharge process
  • The failure process of smartphone glass
  • The behavior of MEMS devices used in projectors

  • Motion analysis
  • Development ofsports equipment

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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