Nexera UC Prep
Semi-Preparative SFC System


  • High Performance offering outstanding data quality
  • User friendly control software with the ability to perform 'stacked' injections
  • Completely automated operation
  • Flexible configuration in a compact, strealined design
  • Novel Gas-Liquid-Separator (GLS) design allows for easy, safe maintenance



Nexera UC prep - semi-preparative SFC system


Performance of the LotusStream GLS


Stacked Injection for improved efficiency

Method Optimization

Application Support


Compact yet flexible
Automated workflow to maximize efficiency


  • Faster separation, lower solvent consumption
  • Patented LotusStream GLS technology for higher recovery rates with minimized carry-over
  • Space-saving benchtop design
  • Seamless preparative workflow through newly developed software
  • Extensive column lineup for analytical and preparative scale

Built according to customer requirements

The Nexera UC Prep, a next-generation preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system, was developed by Shimadzu in collaboration with the Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC). ETC, comprised of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, provides a forum for companies to share ideas and expertise on the development of novel, useful technologies according to their scientific needs. 

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