SialoCapper-ID Kit - Reagent kit for discrimination of linkage isomers

SialoCapper-ID Kit reliably stabilizes sialic acid residues, enabling linkage isomer discrimination

Our technology prevents the decomposition of sialic acid residues and ionization suppression. Furthermore, makes it possible to discriminate the linkage isomers of sialic acids by mass spectrometry.



Simple analysis of sialic acid linkage isomer

The linkage types of sialic acid can be determined from MS1 analysis by using SialoCapper-ID Kit. This eliminates the need for separation by LC, preparation of glycan standards, and MS/MS analysis. This kit enables highly reliable measurement data acquisition and labor-saving experiments.


Improving sialoglycan sensitivity

SialoCapper-ID Kit improves sialoglycan sensitivity while stabilizing sialic acids and reducing their degradation. It also makes it easier to measure trace samples such as biological samples.
The mass spectrum becomes simpler and glycan analysis becomes easier.


Versitality and scalibility

SialoCapper-ID Kit can be used in combination with previous experimental procedures. Liquid-phase reaction is effective for both labeled and non-labeled glycans. In the solid-phase reaction used in combination with glycan binding beads such as BlotGlyco®, glycan purification and sialic acid derivatization can be achieved simultaneously.


Specifications & Order information

P/N 225-42160-58
Content Reagent A (1 bottle), B (10 tubes), C (1 bottle)
Number of samples Sufficiant for 10 experiments/kit
Solid-phase reaction: sufficiant for 10 separate samples/experiment, 100 samples/kit
Liquid-phase reaction: sufficiant for 50 separate samples/experiment, 500 samples/kit
Derivatization Targets Released N-linked glycans (including labeled forms)
Storage Temperature 2 - 8° C

Various types of mass spectrometers can be used for measuring glycans derivatized with the SialoCapper-ID Kit. Find more information here 

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