Simple, Rapid, Reproducible Collection of Plasma

Shimadzu has partnered with Telimmune (formally Novilytic) to offer a powerful new technology for the rapid generation of plasma from whole blood.

The Telimmune Plasma Separation Card is a high-precision volumetric plasma collection device for use by medical professionals.

Unlike common blood vials and blood spot cards, it efficiently separates plasma and supplies a very accurate volumetric sample ready for analytical analysis.

The Telimmune Plasma Prep Cards now come in two formats - the original Telimmune Plasma Prep Cards and the Telimmune Duo Plasma Prep Cards.


The Telimmune technology collects a ~3 μL aliquot of plasma from ≥ 25 μL of whole blood in three minutes and stabilizes for shipping in just 15 minutes.

Principal applications include but are not limited to population-based research, global clinical trials, neonatal screening for congenital disorders, toxicokinetic/pharmacokinetic studies, therapeutic drug monitoring, and healthcare accessibility initiatives in the developing world.


Properties of the Telimmune Card: 

  • 99% removal of red blood cells (based on Hb levels in plasma)
  • Plasma sampling volumes of 3 µL (6 µL DUO)
  • Inter-card CV of ~1% (~3% DUO) in plasma collection volume at constant hematocrit (HCT)
  • Inter-card CV of 2% collection volume variation with 20% to 71% HCT
  • Proteins are deposited as a monolayer upon drying
  • Metabolites are present in the protein monolayer



Significant advantages of Telimmune Card technology include:

  • Rapid sample preparation for MS-based analysis, while maintaining assay reproducibility and selectivity
  • Volumetric plasma sample collection using a single drop of whole blood
  • Specimen volumes as low as 25 µL
  • Telimmune cards simplify sample preparation. Eliminates need for solvent extraction, centrifugation and evaporation
  • Exceptional reproducibility independent of hematocrit


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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