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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer


  • LabSolutions DB IR

    LabSolutions DB IR allows for secure data management by integrating a data management function with LabSolutions IR. Compliant with ER/ES regulations, the software is optimally configured for customers using a PC. It is recommended for facilities that do not require network connections and want to be ER/ES compliant

  • LabSolution DB IR


  • LabSolutions CS IR

    LabSolutions CS, which is freely accessible to the analysis network, can be connected to LabSolutions IR, eliminating the need for connecting a PC to the instrument. Since all the data are managed on a server, LabSolutions CS IR can be read from any personal computer on a network. With terminal service, LabSolutions IR can be controlled from a client PC without installing LabSolutions IR on it. It is recommended for facilities that have a large number of users, manage data in a database, and want to be ER/ES compliant.

  • LabSolution CS IR