The New IRXross FTIR

Key features:

  • Top of its class in sensitivity with an S/N ratio of 55,000:1 (KBr window)
  • High resolution measurements of 0,25 cm-1 for clear peak separation
  • High Speed measurement of 20 times per second with optional rapid scan software
  • Quick-click starting and easy navigation with IR Pilot™
  • Build-in Analytical Intelligence

Performance x Operability


  • KRS-5 windows for high-humidity environments are compliant with pharmacopeia
  • Internal Dehumidifier reduces power consumption in standby mode by 90%
  • Complies Fully with Regulations by use of LabSolutions DB/CS Software
  • Extendable with the FTIR Microscope AIM-9000 for micro samples

High-End Sensitivity for Countless Applications

  • Small Size of W505 × D578 × H330 mm
  • Astoundingly Low Noise
  • Automatic accessories recognition
  • IRPilot program:
    • 23 macro applications are included
    • Launch analysis without parameters setting
    • Multiple samples can be analysed with a single click
  • Easy Macro function for create routine analysis

Shimadzu experience in IR Spectroscopy

  • Advanced Dynamic Alignment of Michelson interferometer 
  • Germanium-coated KBr beam splitter for long lifetime
  • High-energy ceramic light source
  • Unique Shimadzu spectra library


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