• AIRsight | Nice to have two features in one
AIRsight connected to IRXross

World’s Only Instrument Capable of Performing Both Infrared Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy

To use this product, one of the following FTIR spectrophotometer needs to be connected: IRTracer-100, IRXross, and IRAffinity-1S

Nice to have two features in one

Perfect Combination

The combination of two analytical techniques provides complementary information, whether organic or inorganic samples are used. Without moving the sample, spectra can be acquired from the same spot. Moreover, it requires less space compared to a setup where both an infrared microscope and a Raman microscope are installed. The infrared microscope camera can be used to observe areas as small as 30 × 40 µm, and the Raman-use 100× objective lens to observe areas as small as 7.5 × 10 µm.

Same Position – Same Software

The same measurement software is used for control of both techniques, operability is enhanced and easy. Simply switch between IR and Raman by a mouse click only. The system includes Shimadzu's proprietary wide-view camera and microscope camera for infrared and Raman measurements. The wide-view camera shares position information with the microscope camera and Raman objectives to speed up finding the correct measurement spot.

Extensive Accessories

The AIRsight Infrared/Raman microscope comes standard with an extensive selection of libraries for IR and Raman. Optional software for length (particles) or depth (z-direction) measurement, ATR accessories and additional libraries are also available.

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