Shimadzu Europa 50th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating 50 Years of Shimadzu in Europe.

50 years of Shimadzu Europa means close cooperation with people and markets, it means the spirit of innovation and cutting-edge technologies in order to contribute to society through science and technology.


To make this year even more special and to celebrate with all of you, we will be running exciting competitions throughout the next 9 months.

Whether new to Shimadzu or an experienced user of our product portfolio doesn´t matter. Show how much you already know about Shimadzu or prove yourself as a true detective. Search our Website and social media channels (Twitter & LinkedIn) ) to refresh your knowledge, and use all the clues to learn the solutions and participate in our raffle. Outstanding prizes await you to support your everyday life, to make your appearance even more elegant or to make the most of your technology. Be assured, our prizes are unusually good.

And that's not all! At the end, all participants with the right answers will be in a draw to win a weekend trip for two.


February Quiz! (Participation until 28th of February 2018)


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- January Winner is Nicola G. from United Kingdom (Japanese KAI SHUN CLASSIC 2-piece knife set) 

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Participation conditions

One entry only per participant in each monthly draw.
• Participation only with valid user information.
• Shimadzu Europa GmbH reserves the right to use information resulting from participation in this draw for marketing purposes. Objections to this may be submitted in writing.
• The winner will be contacted via E-Mail.
• Should the winner not respond within two weeks after contact, all claims to the prize will be forfeited and another participant’s name will be drawn as the winner.
• Shimadzu employees are excluded.
• Payment in lieu of the prize value is excluded.
• There is no right of appeal.
• Personal data will not be shared with third party members.
• By participating in this draw and entering your personal data, you agree to these terms and conditions.
• Your data will be deleted within nine months after end of this draw.
• Winners of the monthly draw will also be drawn on the following month.
• Participation restricted to persons over 18 years of age with permanent residence in a European country.
• The action ends on 30th September 2018.
• The main prize will be drawn on 1st October 2018.
• Participants accept that in case of winning, their name will be published on the website.
• Purchase of products and services does not affect the outcome of the draw.
• The winner needs to enter all correct answers as well as all requested personal information.
• One winner of the monthly prize will be drawn from all correct answers in this month.
• The current prize is visible and named on each month´s quiz page.
• One participant from all correct answers to all draws will be selected as winner of the main prize.