AG-Xplus Series

Features autotuning of the control parameters in real time based on stress and strain data measured during testing as well as reliable comparison of unknown sample data, without pre-testing.

Autograph Precision Universal Testing Machine  AG-Xplus Series


Short Test Cycle Time

Selecting a 5 kN max. HS table-top type with a 3300 mm/min return speed and 3000 mm/min crosshead speed reduces the test cycle time for specimens that stretch, such as rubber.

Short-column Type (Model SC) Added

Ideal for the compression testing of small parts, such as electrical and electronic components. It offers a 700 mm testing space, and the 1130 mm test height permits installation in a room with a low ceiling.

Power-saving Standby Mode Reduces Environmental Stress

The AG-Xplus reduces the power consumption in standby mode, cutting CO2 emissions and reducing the environmental stress. Power savings of approximately 10 to 25 % are possible, depending on the frame capacity.

Easy Stress and Strain Control

Features autotuning of the control parameters in real time based on stress and strain data measured during testing as well as reliable comparison of unknown sample data, without pre-testing. In addition, the autotuning function easily provides the strain control required by ISO 6892-2009.

  • Steel Industry:
    The steel industry is receiving more demands from the automobile industry to test under strain control in addition to stress control
  • Plastic Industry:
    In the plastics industry, strain control is essential for calculating the modulus of elasticity according to new JIS, using the leading edge of the stress-strain curve
  • Ceramics Industry:
    In the ceramics industry, accurate control is demanded initially, as the specimen fails after undergoing minute displacements

Ultrafast Sampling Catches the Most Sudden Strength Fluctuations

Ultrafast 0.2 msec (5 kHz) sampling captures dramatic fluctuations in test force, such as the failure of brittle materials. Additionally, the sampling conditions can be altered during the test for more detailed analysis of important areas. Normally, one lot (five specimens) is tested, the maximum and minimum values eliminated, and the mean taken of the remaining three specimens. However, ultrafast sampling obtains data with little discrepancy from just two specimens to enhance testing efficiency and reduce customer costs.

Eight-fold Increase in Control Resolution Enhances the Reliability of Test Results

The control resolution for the speed affects the test results, especially in the low-speed region. The AG-Xplus offers previously unheard-of high levels of resolution to achieve greater accuracy in test results.

More Accurate Stress-strain Curves from Small to High Forces

The wide guaranteed precision range of the load cell, from 1/1000 to 1/1, reduces load cell and jig replacements to improve testing efficiency. Eliminating from conventional range to rangeless measurements enhances test accuracy.

More Convenient Testing of Actual Objects

Simultaneously load 12 data channels into the computer for immediate analysis. Synchronized handling of data from multiple strain gauges and test forces is extremely convenient for testing actual objects.

Confidence and Reliability


A highly rigid frame is essential in a sophisticated testing machine. The AG-Xplus frame has been re-imagined based on a new design concept. All floor type and table-top type machines incorporate a crosshead guide that gives significantly higher torsional rigidity as compared to conventional machines.

* Shimadzu is a JCSS-certified calibration organization for uniaxial testing machines (JIS Q 17025, ISO/IEC 17025). JCSS cross-certifies with America's NVLAP and other certification standards throughout the world, ensuring world-wide traceability.

* These products are CE compliant.

* AG-Xplus units are manufactured by professionals at ISO 9001 certified factories, ensuring worry-free operation.

* External appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice in the interest of product improvement.

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