Analysis Flow Chart

The analysis flow consists of the two processes: "Instrument Adjustment and Performance Checking" an "Simultaneous Analysis for Unknown Samples".
In the process of the "Instrument Adjustment and Performance Checking", the performance evaluation method is generated to check and confirm the instrument's performance using data obtained by standard solutions and data on substances for verifying the instrument performance registered in the database. At this moment, QA/QC functions contained in the GCMSsolution are used.
In the process of the "Simultaneous Analysis for Unknown Samples", the data obtained using standard solutions and other information required for quantitation analysis contained in the database such as the target masses, mass spectra and calibration curves are extracted, and the simultaneous analysis method for the GCMSsolution is generated. (The retention times of the target compounds are predicted using the n-alkane retention time information in the database together with the n-alkane measurement data acquired under the instrumental conditions in use.) The measurement data of the unknown samples is processed using the simultaneous analysis method.

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