Automotive Testing Expo 2018

05.06.2018 – 07.06.2018
Stuttgart, Germany

Ensuring the Development and Safety

Shimadzu testing and evaluation systems provide total support for auto industry applications

Meet Shimadzu at Automotive Testing Expo - Hall 8, Booth 8530

Since its founding more than 140 years ago, Shimadzu Corporation has strived to realize the dreams of both individuals and society, and to bring each generation cutting-edge technology. Shimadzu testing machines were created as an expression of our corporate philosophy, "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology." Shimadzu testing machines represent our commitment to high-level precision and operability without compromise, cultivated through long years of experience. For the automotive industry, with its heightened interest in safety, reliability and environmental friendliness, we continue to offer satisfying solutions by being our customers’ best partner.


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Oral Presentation 

We cordially invite you to our Oral Presentation at Automotive Testing Expo. Come and see how you can benefit:

Thursday, 07.06.2018
Session time: 10:30 - 13:10 h, 20 minutes
Forum, Hall 10

  • "Efficient testing strategies for quality control of automotive materials"
    Frank Walther, TU Dortmund University, Germany

Product Lineup

  • AG-300kNX  
    Shimadzu develops the next AUTOGRAPH AG-X with high performance and easy operation.
  • High reliability and accuracyare basic requirements⇒Highest performance in the world
    • High accuracy force measurement with wide range 0.5% of reading up to 1/1000 of load cell capacity
      (one range)(high accuracy type) with 24-bits A/D and noise-reduction technologies
    • Accurate capture of the data for specimen breakage or rapid phenomenon 5000 data/sec high-speed data acquisition by FPGA technology high-speed communication between AG and PC by USB.
    • high driving resolution 0.025μm/pulse(1,000,000 pulse/sec)
  • from “marvelous” to “convenient”⇒Pursuit of easy operation
  • The important factor  is “service” ⇒Expansion of service function
  • AG-10kNX+USF-2000 
    for Gigacycle fatigue testing - Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing system with mean stress loading mechanism  
    Actual components are rarely used under condition in which the mean stress is zero. Despite it, the USF-2000A,
    a standard ultrasonic fatigue testing system, can only perform testing under zero mean stress conditions. 
    Using an ultrasonic fatigue testing system equipped with a means stress loading mechanism, Gigacycle fatigue tests can be performed with mean tensile and compression stress loading.
  • HPV (Ultra High Speed Video Camera) 
    Many high-speed phenomena occur in the field of automobiles. These include the observations and analysis of the fuel injection process to assist the development of low-fuel-consumption engines. The HPV-X2 can take 256 consecutive images at up to 10 million frames per second at up to 100-kpixel resolution to meet the demands for observing high-speed phenomena, such as fuel injection.
  • SMX-1000Plus 
    Customers interested in non-destructive tests of electronic components will benefit from the superior image quality and overall robustness of this X-Ray-System. With 2D images generated by the SMX-1000Plus, the evaluation of optically hidden joints and internal package details of SMDs, PCBs and BGAs is easily possbile.
  • IRSpirit
    IRSpirit is new Shimadzu’s compact FTIR spectrometer. Smaller than an A3 paper sheet, IRSpirit-T integrates robust and efficient optical system with DLATGS detector to insure excellent S/N ratio (30,000/1). Specifically designed QATR-S and a lot of other available accessories make IRSpirit able to answer at all the analytical challenges. All these function could be easily controlled from IRPilot easy to use interface. All its capacities make IRSpirit one of Reddot 2018 award winner.
  • AIM
    The AIM-9000 is more than just an infrared microscope; it is an Automatic Failure Analysis System with a unique concept allowing complete automation of all necessary steps involved in Failure Analysis and micro sample evaluation; observation, definition of measurement spots, measurement and identification. The AIM-9000 is compatible with both Shimadzu's IRAffinity-1S and IRTracer-100 FTIR Spectrophotometers. Certainly in combination with the IRTRacer-100, the AIM-9000 is an extremely powerful platform offering the highest specifications in the market.
  • EDX   
    The Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer EDX-7000/8000 measures the energy (keV) and intensity of the generated fluorescent X-rays to determine the type and content of the elements comprising a sample. It is applied for non-destructive elemental analysis of solid, powder, and liquid samples. It is widely used by electronics and automobile manufacturers around the world.
  • Nexis GC-2030 “World's highest sensitivity and reproducibility”  
    Designed with the analyst in mind, users will benefit from the touch panel interface, which features clear graphics that display information instantly whenever needed. The graphical user-friendly interface leaves the operator free to focus on obtaining optimal analytical results. With a wide variety of high sensitivity detectors and intelligent flow controller, you will get the perfect tool for productivity, keeping extensibility with exceptional reproducibility. 
  • Measurement of Automobile Interior VOCs  
    VOC Measurement & Odor Analysis Inside Automobiles/Physical Properties Evaluation and Structural Analysis of Polymer Materials for Interiors. Thermal desorption (a method where the target component in the gas phase is absorbed to a sampling tube packed with absorbent, and then introduced to a GC-MS by thermal desorption) and Headspace automatic sampling methodology  (this procedure uses GC analysis with HS-20) are used, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) inside automobiles and gas emissions from parts and materials can be measured.  
  • LABNIRS & LIGHTNIRS  Toward Next-Generation Optical Brain-Function Imaging 
    Just how the human brain functions remains one of the greatest unsolved puzzles. To solve this mystery, brain-function imaging for visualization of brain functions has developed rapidly in recent years. In particular, in vivo optical imaging by functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) has attracted attention as a technique that supports next-generation brain science. Utilizing its leading-edge science and technology, Shimadzu has developed the LABNIRS/LIGHTNIRS, thereby contributing to the still growing field of brain science.


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