The new Nexis GC-2030

Redifining the Chromatography Experience

  • Smart Interface
  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Tool free and easy maintenance
  • Intuitive colorful display
  • Simple and clear touch controls
  • Optional: Lightening System Ovenlight & ClickTek columns

Reducing GC running cost by automation

With high automation of GC shutdown and restart Shimadzu GC offer an comfortable and efficient possibility reducing running cost. Just let the GC shutdown after last analysis is done during the night and freely define a time it should be ready for measurements again.

  • Automated shutdown after finishing analysis
  • Free choice of restart time 
  • After restart system suitability check can be done automatically



Reducing helium consumption with Gas Selector

Many gas chromatography (GC) labs use helium as a carrier gas because it is faster than nitrogen and safer than hydrogen. Helium is a limited natural source and used for many applications therefore the prices are continuously increasing. For all who do not feel comfortable using hydrogen as carrier gas but want to reduce helium consumption the Gas Selector offers the best alternative.

  • Helium is only consumed for measurements
  • During standby condition nitrogen is used
  • Fast switching due to efficient purge functionality
  • Full automation by software

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detection System SCD-2030

Sulfur compounds in exhaust from fossil fuels combustion are a major cause of air pollution and damage catalyst in oil refining processes. It is therefore necessary to measure trace sulfur components as part of quality control.

  • Selective and sensitive sulfur measurements
  • Excellent Long-Term stability
  • Best recovery due to Ultra-Short Flow Path between Redox cell and Detector

Press Cuttings

Highest level of core performance in the world


More than 60 years of GC

GC pioneers of the first hour

World Class Precision

  • Highest Sensitivity and Reproducibility 
  • High-Sensitivity Detectors Support a Wide Variety of Analyses
  • Icludes high sensitivity detectors like the new FID and BID
  • Intelligent Flow Controller with Exceptional Reproducibility

Unmatched Throughput

  • Specialized analyzers built specifically for your needs
  • Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) expansion
  • Optional hydrogen sensor for secure customers working with hydrogen gas

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