The big breakfast test using the EZ-X Texture Analyzer 

Foods as a basic need of human existence are subject to constant inspections. The Shimadzu News regularly reports on new analytical capabilities. 

In addition to taste and the inspection of ingredients, questions are always raised on the physical properties of our food: how quickly does our bread get stale? How crisp are our sausages? What are the differences between eggshells originating from different egg farming methods? ...

These are the questions that will be addressed in this and in subsequent issues of the Shimadzu News – using the foods that make a continental breakfast.

Read here our three-part article serie of our customer magazine Shimadzu News about the analysis of: 

  • Eggs: How do you like your eggs? Egg farming methods and eggshell strength 
  • Bread: Freshness test of bread.    
  • Sausage: Crispy test of sausages. Cutting resistance and chrunchiness of industrial produced and manufactured sausages

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More information about Shimadzu´s compact universal testing machine EZ-Test here.

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