Databases with Retention Indices to Support Analysis


Databases with Retention Indices to Support Analysis


There are databases for environmental analysis, food analysis, and biological sample analysis. Retention indices can be used effectively for the identification of components and the adjustment of retention times.  



Automatic Adjustment of Compound Retention Time (AART)

The AART (Automatic Adjustment of Retention Time) function can estimate the retention times of target components from retention indices and the retention times of an alkane standard mix*.

* Requires alkane mix which is sold separately.



Compound Composer Database Software for Simultaneous Analysis (Environmental Analysis)

Simultaneous GC/MS analysis supporting identification and quantification of 942 environmental pollutants can be performed. The retention times and calibration curve information of environmentally hazardous chemical substances are registered, so approximate concentrations can be obtained, even when it is difficult to obtain standards.



Comprehensive Qualitative Functions


With GCMSsolution, multiple retention index groups can be selected, and searches can be narrowed using a variety of conditions. Accurate qualitative analysis can be performed even for isomers with similar mass spectra. (These functions can be used with the pesticide library and the toxicological database.)


Up to 10 library files can be configured. In addition to the public NIST and Wiley libraries, a variety of library files can be configured. A function to create private libraries is provided, so these are easy to create.


More accurate qualitative analysis is possible by assessing molecular weights from the CI mass spectrum when searching for unknown compounds, and by preregistering molecular weights in a post search index when performing EI mass spectral searches.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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