Shimadzu i-Series Driver for Multi-Vendor Software

Supported devices

Unit Model Name
i-Series LC-2030
LC-2030C LT
LC-2030C 3D
LC-2040C LT
LC-2040C MT
LC-2040C 3D
LC-2040C 3D MT
LC-2030C LT+
LC-2030C 3D+
LC-2040C LT+
LC-2040C MT+
LC-2040C 3D+
LC-2040C 3D MT+
External Detector RF-20A, RF-20AXS
AD Input Board
Mobile Phase Flow Line Switching Valve FCV-11AL, FCV-11ALS
High-Pressure Flow-Line Switching Valve FCV-14AH, FCV-34AH
  • * The corresponding ROM version of the instruments varies depending on the software. If you want to confirm, please contact our person in charge.
  • * If you want to use the i-Series Plus model with the unsupported software, please contact our person in charge. It can be used as a i-Series model.
  • * In case of using Chromeleon 7.2, up to two i-Series systems can be controlled per computer as a license.
  • * Four systems maximum with no PDA or four systems with a single PDA or two systems with two PDA detectors (per LAC/E32).
  • * It is not recommended to connect other vendor instruments to the same acquisition server.
  • * Waters® and Empower® are registered trademarks of Waters in the USA and other countries
  • * Chromeleon™ is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

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