Shimadzu Cast Iron Pumps

Efficient and Durable for lowest running cost.

Pump Design and Manufacturing Processes

  • More stable performance at high oil temperatures
  • More robust at cold temperatures
  • Less sensitive against contamination
  • Treaded ports >210bar available
  • Less sensitive against pressure spikes
  • No aluminum chips possible

Lower Defective Rates during Machine Life Time

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Shimadzu Hydraulic Equipment

Shimadzu gear pumps have achieved total customer satisfaction for a long time because of high efficiency, stable performance, and superior durability.

About Gear Pumps:

Single and Multiple Pumps

with cost effective design for

  • Standard Pumps
  • Low Pulsation and Low Noise Pumps
  • CUSTOMIZED pumps for larger quantities

For Steer by Wire:

Birotational Pump Unit for Steering

  • Up to 85% energy saving in closed loope
  • robust cast iron gear pump
  • Includes 2 relief valves and a reservoir
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