February Quiz

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Land of the Rising Sun

The real name for Japan (in Japanese) is Nihon (日本), these characters meaning "sun origin". This loosely translates into English as "land of the rising sun". Is anything better than being woken gently by the natural light of the sun in the morning? As the days are still dark our next prize will bring the Rising Sun into your bedroom whenever you want. The Philips Sleep and Wake-up Light Somneo has been tested by several independent studies which have shown that Wake-up Light enhances the quality of wake-up and elevates the mood to make you feel better in the morning.

Philips Sleep and Wake-up Light Somneo (Philips GmbH Market DACH)

February Quiz Winner

- February Winner is Enrico N. from Italy (Philips Sleep and Wake-up Light Somneo)

Right Answers:

1. Who founded Shimadzu?

Genzo Shimadzu

2. What is "Lab4You"?

Shimadzu European university student project

3. What does the abbreviation SIL-30AC stand for?

Sample Injector Liquid Analytical Cooling

Some of our prizes

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