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That's what it's all about. It means a combination of successful and strong years bound together. Since 50 years we are a part of the European economy. And we┬┤re not only proud of our own success but also the tradition and history of the whole Shimadzu Group. With its origins in Japan, Shimadzu has created a brand standing for excellence in science all over the world. Just like Shimadzu, our first prize originates from Japan. Founded in the Japanese city of Seki, the company KAI has been developing and selling cutlery and related products of excellent sharpness and function for over 100 years.

KAI SHUN CLASSIC 2-piece knife set. Multipurpose- and Santoku knife (KAI Europe)

January Quiz Winner

- January Winner is Nicola G. from United Kingdom (Japanese KAI SHUN CLASSIC 2-piece knife set)

Right Answers:

When was Shimadzu Europa founded?


Where is Shimadzu Europa located?


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