GC-2010 Plus High-end GC

Achieves Higher Sensitivity and Improves Productivity

Gas Chromatograph GC-2010 Plus

The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with high repeatability, utilizing detectors such as FID and FPD that feature best-in-class sensitivity.

In addition, rapid oven cooling and backflush technology shorten analysis time greatly for significant improvements in productivity.


Detector Lineup 2010 Plus Series

A lineup of powerful detectors ensures the highest sensitivity - even for trace amount analysis.

Rapid oven cooling, backflushing technology, gas saver function, etc.


New flow-controlling technologies enable higher separation capability and faster analysis.

Broad Lineup of Units

You can select the most suitable detector and injection unit for your sample. Retrofitting of these units is easy.



 Flame ionization detector
FID-2010 Plus
 Split/splitless injection unit
•SPL-2010 Plus
 Thermal Conductivity Detector 
•TCD-2010 Plus
 Direct Injection Unit
•WBI-2010 Plus
 Flame Photometric Detector
FPD-2010 Plus
On-column/ programmed temperature injection unit
 Electron Capture Detector
•ECD-2010 Plus
 Flame Thermionic Detector
•FTD-2010 Plus

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