High Sensitivity

Detection Sensitivity Over 100x Higher than TCD, 2x Higher than FID

Sensitivity Comparison Between BID and TCD

Sensitivities were compared using the responses of permanent gases. BID achieved over 200× higher sensitivity for organic compounds and several tens of times higher sensitivity for permanent gases.

High-Sensitivity Analysis of Permanent Gases and Light Hydrocarbons

Conventional analytical techniques require a system configuration with multiple detection schemes to analyze for permanent gases and light hydrocarbons. The use of a methanizer and FID is often required to detect ppm levels of CO and CO2. However, the BID replaces all of this hardware and allows for the highly sensitive detection of mixtures of inorganic gases and light hydrocarbons.

Comparison of Detectable Concentration Ranges

The detectable concentration ranges are guidelines only. They differ according to the compound structure, analysis conditions, and the GC instrument.

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