Infrared Microscope AIM-8800

This intelligent infrared microscope provides convenient control of stage movement, aperture setting and focusing, all from the PC screen. Supporting analysis using transmission, reflection as well as ATR methods, the AIM-8800 widens the range of application fields. With emphasis on sensitivity for basic performance of this infrared microscope, ease of operation was also a high design priority. The AIM-8800 Infrared Microscope advances one step further into the new generation.


Complete Control with AIM View

Auto Aperture - Maximizes IR illumination on the sample spot.

The aperture is motor-driven, and its size and angle are freely set using mouse operation alone. Simply set the aperture over the sample, and the sampling area is automatically positioned for maximum infrared intensity. The aperture size and angle are always maintained.

Auto X-Y Stage - Simplifies exact sample positioning.

Up to 10 sample positions and 2 background positions can be placed into memory, and the stage can be moved in increments as small as 1µm for finely detailed mapping.

Auto Focus - True focus is only one mouse-click away!

Arduous focusing is unnecessary. Just one click of the mouse automatically brings the image into focus.

Auto Centering - Sample viewing couldn't be easier!

Double-clicking on any point in the visible observation screen will bring that spot to the center of the viewing area.

(Note : AIM View is the register trade mark of the software used to control the AIM-8800 Shimadzu Infrared Microscope.)

Complete Control with AIM View

High Sensitivity, Maintenance-Free MCT Detector

High sensitivity - of course! A signal-to-noise ratio of 2600 to 1 is guaranteed in transmission measurement. The high-sensitivity glass dewar type MCT detector eliminates the need to re-evacuate every 1 to 2 years, as required with metallic dewar type MCT detectors.

AIM-8800 Specifications

Optics :

15 x Cassegrain objective

15 x Cassegrain condenser mirrors

w / inlet for purging

MCT detector :

w / liquid nitrogen monitoring system

Wavelength range :

Type 1 - 5000 - 720cm-1

Type 2 - 5000 - 650cm-1

Electrically activated apertur

XY Θ directional drive. Setting of XY direction increments is 1µm over sample surface, and 1° increments in Θ direction (numerical entry possible).

Minimum setting value : 3µm

Motor-driven X-Y sample stage

Positioning range : X axis : 70mm; Y axis : 30mm Resolution : 1µm pitch

Sample thickness :

Reflection mode - ≤ 40mm

transmission mode - ≤ 10mm

Operation control via main unit keyboard

Measuring mode selection / XY stage operation (speed variable in 4 steps) / manual focusing / illumination control

Control via PC

Measuring mode selection / XY stage operation / auto centering / manual focusing / auto focusing / illumination control / aperture setting / aperture preview / measurement position and aperture setting recording (10 sample positions, 2 background positions)

Ambient conditions :

Ambient temperature : 15°C ~ 30°C

Ambient humidity : 70% or less

External dimensions, weight :

W410mm x D540mm x H520mm x 36kg

Power requirements :

AC100 / 120 / 220 / 230 / 240V 125VA


  • Ge prism ATR objective
  • Diamond ATR objective (Spectra Tech)
  • ZnSe ATR objective (Spectra Tech)
  • Grazing angle objective (Spectra Tech)
  • Visual objective lens (10X)

Note :
When connected to a PC type FTIR-8000 Series, the PC for operating the FTIR main unit is also used for operating the AIM-8800. When connected to a non-PC type FTIR-8000 Series, the PC must be purchased separately.

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