ISEAC 2016

19.07. - 22.07.2016
University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany


"Fast and simple determination of free amino acids in beer"

Gesa J. Schad1, Brigitte Bollig1, Robert Ludwig1, Björn Thoralf Erxleben1

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"500 years Beer Purity Law - Looking for contaminants"

Uwe Oppermann1, Anja Grüning1, Sigrid Baumgarten1, Jan Knoop1

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"Determination of organic and inorganic contaminants in wine using GCMS and ICPMS spectrometry"

Uwe Oppermann1, Jan Knoop1, Ludivine Fromentoux1

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"A closer look at mineral oil fractions"

Andrea Jurek2Erich Leitner2, Uwe Oppermann1

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"Characterization of wines produced from fungus resistant grapes"

Claudia Koraimann2Erich Leitner2, and Uwe Oppermann1

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"Extraction and quantification of mycotoxins in peanut butter using SFE-SFC-MS"

Gesa J.1, Tairo Ogura3, Kenichiro Tanaka3

"Comprehensive LC x LC analysis of flavoring ingredients in distilled spirits"

Gesa J. Schad1, Brigitte Bollig1, Robert Ludwig1, Björn Thoralf Erxleben1

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1 | Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Duisburg, Germany

2 | Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

3 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, USA

4 | University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld, Germany

Lunch Seminar

In food we trust – Analytical solutions for food analysis

Tuesday, July 19th
12:35 – 13:45
Room: Lecture hall H6

Sensory quality of wine judged by analytical techniques
Prof. Dr. Erich Leitner2

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Healthy Fat in Chips and Sausages? A new method for extraction, digestion and analysis of fat in food samples
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schram4

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Nexera UC SFE-SFC-MS - The latest addition to the analytical toolbox
Dr. Gesa J. Schad1

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Residual high polar pesticides in beer
Jan Stenzler1

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Application Handbook Food - Download now!

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ICPMS-2030 - European Launch Tour 

With its exciting tour motto “Accelerating Reliable Performance” the new ICPMS-2030 combines top level sensitivity with bottom level cost of ownership. See it at ISEAC 2016 in Hamburg!

Product Lineup

The ICPMS-2030 is the first inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer including two assistant functions for analytical method development and diagnosis of analytical results. The newly developed collision cell provides highest sensitivity and lowest interferences. The use of the patented environmental friendly mini-torch results in lowest running cost.

The Nexera UC is the world´s first- ever unified and fully automated system combining supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with supercritical fluid (SFC).

Shimadzu´s new LCMS-8060 makes a real difference to working better and faster. The LCMS triple- quadrupole combines all UF technologies and pushes the limits of LC-MS/MS quantitation for applications requiring highest sensitivity and robustness.


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