Macro Functions Provide Automation and Labor-Savings

LabSolutions IR automates routine work, such as scanning, data manipulation, reporting, identification tests, and contaminants analysis. Launch programs from the Launcher or your PC.

Easy Macro – Just a Single Click Launches Routine Work

The "Easy Macro" function will create macros that are suitable for routine work, particularly when repetitive operations are used. The macro builder allows macros to be constructed by simply selecting and aligning operations from a list. Once constructed, the macros can be registered with the Launcher and Desktop for quick execution. Operators who are not familiar with FTIR can easily operate the instrument.

Easy Macro Operations

  • Initialization of FTIR, configuration of scan parameters, spectrum measurement
  • Data manipulations, search, quantitation, printing
  • Repeat measurements, displaying messages, alarm sounds, external program execution

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