more Capacity

Open access design enables the loading of samples, even during analysis .


Mixture of 3 Plates Possible


The SIL-30ACMP accommodates 6 microtiter plates (96/384MTP, DWP) or plates for 1.5 mL vials. With 96-well plates, up to 576 samples can be loaded, and with 384-well plates, up to 2304 samples can be loaded at a time. Even with 1.5 mL vials, 324 samples can be loaded, which means that large amounts of samples can be handled with sufficient margin even as a standalone unit.
Three Types of Plates Can Be Loaded


Designed with emphasis on open access


In an open access environment, in which two or more researchers share one system, the ability to load different plates on each rack becomes all the more advantageous. The SIL-30ACMP provides a flexible analysis environment where, for example, one person can be performing on-time analysis with 1.5 mL vials while another is loading a microtiter plate for large-volume analysis. Vials or plates can be replaced even while analysis is in progress. Moreover, the SIL-30ACMP is designed to prevent your hands from coming into contact with the arm or other moving parts (closed-type design) while achieving open access. This prevents unexpected accidents during sample replacement from happening.


Analysis efficiency enhanced by building an open access environment


Combining the SIL-30ACMP, which allows samples
to be loaded at any time except when samples are
being injected, with Open Solution open access
software, creates an environment in which two or
more users can share one system. Having one
system saves energy and reduces running costs.
Because Open Solution uses Microsoft Corporation's
Internet Explorer, there is no need to install any other
special software on each PC. Moreover, there are only
three operations from login to start of analysis. Analytical
results can also be quickly checked on Internet Explorer
and easily output in predetermined formats.



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