MSACL 2017

10.09.2017 - 14.09.2017
Salzburg, Austria


booth 1 & 2


Shimadzu is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of analytical instrumentation. Its equipment and systems are used as essential tools in all areas of clinical research. Since more than 140 years, Shimadzu is at the service of science ensuring precise and reliable analyses. Among the leaders in GCMS as well as in LCMS, Shimadzu is offering a full range of LC-MS/MS systems to fit all needs depending on the application, and will introduce new solutions for screening and quantification in toxicology field. In addition, the unique and flexible fully automated sample preparation system seamlessly integrated with our LC-MS/MS range will be shown: CLAM-2000. Take the opportunity to visit our booth “1 & 2”.



Afternoon Workshops


Wednesday, 12. September 2017
14:00 - 14:30 h
Room Mozart 4-5 (Seats 125)

Disruptive Technologies and Creative Solutions in Clinical Mass Spectrometry


1I Practical application of the fully-automated sample preparation module, CLAM-2000, in clinical diagnostics
Dr. Thomas Stimpfl, Medical University of Vienna - Department of Laboratory Medicine

In clinical diagnostics random access to wide range of target analytes is needed. We will present our practical experiences with a novel, fully automated sample preparation module - directly connected to a LC-MS-system - in the routine setting of a laboratory in a university hospital.

2I Rethinking library identification in quantitative clinical toxicology – transitioning towards MRM Spectrum mode
Neil Loftus – SHIMADZU Corporation (UK), MS Business Unit

There are considerable opportunities in clinical mass spectrometry to bring about better innovations and better concepts to clinical laboratories. However, translating information rich mass spectrometry data into meaningful, actionable and safe test result within the context of a routine clinical laboratory remains a barrier for success for many clinical groups. To help the transition towards a more effective data review and higher confidence in reporting results we have been rethinking the capability of MRM in compound identification. In this presentation we will be headlining MRM Spectrum mode, an approach which can be set up in routine clinical labs helping to reduce false positive and false negative reporting without affecting quantitative data quality.


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Oral Presentation


Wednesday, 12. September, 14:45 h
Session: Endocrine
Mozart 4-5 - Track 2


Single Assay Measurement of the Aldosterone-Renin-Ratio by Online SPE-UHPLC-MS/MS
Presenter: Nicola GRAY - LCMS Application Specialist - SHIMADZU UK



Poster Presentations


Wednesday, 12. September, 9:45 h
Small Molecules

Poster # B1: The CLAM-2000 Challenge: Checking the Accuracy and Reproducibility of Automatic Sample Preparation of Steroid and Glucocorticoids for Plasma and Urine Samples
Jana Rykl, Shimadzu Schweiz AG

The accuracy and reproducibility of automatic sample preparation of steroid hormones and glucocorticoids for plasma and urine samples was compared with the results of manual sample preparation. Manual samples preparation of clinical samples normally include a protein precipitation step followed by centrifugation and/or extraction on SPE cartridges. Here we present an automatic sample preparation procedure using the CLAM-2000 robot coupled to an LCMS-8045 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.


Thursday, 13.September, 10:00h
Small Molecules

Poster # A4: Fully Automatized LC-MS/MS Analysis of Neuroleptics Using a Novel Sample Preparation System
Sigrid Baumgarten, Shimadzu Europa

The precise quantitation of Neuroleptics for therapeutic purpose is necessary. To avoid the sample preparation which is often tedious, involves risk of errors and increases the risk of contamination of people dealing with sample preparation The CLAM-2000 (Clinical Laboratory Automated sample preparation Module) automates the pretreatment of blood or other biological samples before LCMS analysis. By simply placing blood collection tubes in the system, the CLAM-2000 performs all processes through to LCMS analysis automatically. A complete neuroleptics analysis of Neuroleptic kit from Chromsystems was demonstrated.



Product launch


Toxicology Database and Insight Screening software

See details in the presentation in the workshop


Product Lineup


  • LCMS-8060 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

The LCMS-8060 is designed to push the limits of LC-MS/MS quantitation for applications requiring the highest sensitivity and robustness while delivering a meaningful solution for routine LC-MS/MS analyses.

  • CLAM-2000 Fully automated sample preparation

The CLAM-2000 (RUO) is a new and unique fully automated sample preparation module connected online to LC-MS/MS. It automatizes the pretreatment of blood or other biological samples prior to LC-MS/MS analysis.