24.09.2019 - 26.09.2019
Salzburg Congress Center, Salzburg, Austria


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Shimadzu is a leading driver in developing healthcare solutions with technology developments ranging from advanced imaging systems for use in medical diagnosis and treatment to engineering routine automated clinical LC-MS/MS solutions and exploring ways to discover better ways of detecting disease biomarkers. Discover all our clinical solutions at booth 1-3 and join our vendor seminar on Wednesday to find out more.


Corporate Workshop "Discover our innovative platforms and proven solutions for advanced healthcare"

Wednesday, 25.09.2019
13:30 - 14:15 h
Mozart 4-5
125 seats

Please register in advance to attend our workshop ‘Discover our innovative platforms and proven solutions for advanced healthcare’ and grab your "Keep Calm and Stay Stable" T-Shirt !

  • "MALDI-MS technology combined with automated interpretation software, a solution adapted to high throughput screening: Sickle cell disease screening in newborns as a first application"
    Patrick DUCOROY - BIOMANEO - France 
  • "Robustness and reliability of the novel pre-analytical filtration system CLAM-2030 and LCMS-8050"
    Dr Frank STREIT - University Hospital Gottingen - Germany
  • "Rethinking the capability and workflows in clinical metabolomics and biomarker research using the LCMS-9030 Q-TOF technologies"
    Emily ARMITAGE - Shimadzu Corporation - UK

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Visit the following posters to discover how Shimadzu's technologies are used to improve outcome for patients.

  • Poster #6d, Thursday, 12:00 
  • Topic: Small Molecules / Tox / TDM
  • Title: Validated High-Sensitive Steroid Profiling in Human Serum Using LC-MS/MS
  • Author: Stéphane Moreau
    Affiliation: Shimadzu
  • Poster #7b, Wednesday, 15:30
  • Topic: Microbiology
  • Title: Enterobacter: When MALDI-TOF (VITEK® MS) and New Taxonomy Speak as One Voice
  • Author: Valérie Monnin
    Affiliation: bioMérieux
  • Poster #9b, Wednesday, 15:30 
  • Topic: Lipidomics
  • Title: Development and Validation of a LC-MS/MS-based Assay for Quantification of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Human Plasma and Red Blood Cells
  • Author:Vlad Serafim
    Affiliation: 'Victor Babeş' University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Poster # 9d, Thursday, 12:00
  • Topic: Metabolites & Metabolomics
  • Title: Serum Biomarkers of Chemoradiosensitivity in Esophageal Cancer is Identified by the Targeted Metabolomics Approach
  • Author: Masaru Yoshida
    Affiliation: Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
  • Poster #10a, Wednesday, 10:00 
  • Topic: Quality Management & Standardization
  • Title: Mass Spectrometry for Stem Cell Profiling
  • Author: Petr Vanhara
    Affiliation: St. Anne's University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic
  • Poster # 10d, Thursday, 12:00
  • Topic: Small Molecules / Tox / TDM
  • Title: Untargeted Data Independent Acquisition Analysis of Drugs of Abuse by LC-MS/MS, a Generic Approach for Routine Clinical Pathology Screening
  • Author: Alan Barnes
    Affiliation: Shimadzu Corporation
  • Poster # 11g, Thursday, 09:30
  • Topic: Various/Other
  • Title: Fully Automated LC-MS/MS Analysis of Anticoagulants Using a Novel Reagent Kit
  • Author: Franck Chevallier
    Affiliation: Alsachim
  • Poster # 14d, Thursday, 12:00
  • Topic: Small Molecules / Tox / TDM
  • Title: Fully-Automated LC-MS Method for Uracil and Dihydrouracil in Human Plasma
  • Author: Doriane Toinon
    Affiliation: Shimadzu France
  • Poster # 14g, Thursday, 09:30 
  • Topic: Endocrinology
  • Title: Non-classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Differentiation Using a Commercially Available LCMS/MS Steroid Profile Kit: A Case Report
  • Author: Ivana Marković
    Affiliation: Osijek University Hospital
  • Poster # 18c, Thursday, 09:30 
  • Topic: Metabolites & Metabolomics
  • Title: Maternal Glutaric Aciduria Type 1 (GA 1) Detected Through Newborn Screening in Croatia
  • Author: Ivana Križić
    Affiliation: University Hospital Center Zagreb 
  • Poster #19a, Wednesday, 10:00 
  • Topic: Data Science
  • Title: Bioassay Classification Study via LC-MS and Machine Learning in Conjunction with Dimensionality Reduction
  • Author: Ivan Plyushchenko
    Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Poster #19b, Wednesday, 15:30
  • Topic: Small Molecules / Tox / TDM 
  • Title: Integrated Toxicological Screening and Confirmation Analysis with Stable 24/7 Availability
  • Author: Frank Streit
    Affiliation: UMG Goettingen, Germany 
  • Poster # 25d, Thursday, 12:00
  • Topic: Various/Other 
  • Title: Integration of Mycophenolate and its Metabolite Analysis in Plasma Using LC-MS/MS with Full-Automated Sample Preparation
    Author: Fanny Dayot 
    Affiliation: Alsachim
  • Poster # 28e, Wednesday, 12:00
  • Topic: Small Molecules / Tox / TDM 
  • Title: New Solutions Applied in Oral Fluid Drug Testing: Fine-Tuning and Optimization of the SPME-LC-MS Method
    Author: Łukasz Sobczak 
    Affiliation: Department of Pharmacodynamics and Molecular Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Product Line-Up

  • LCMS-8060  “Creates new opportunities for scientists to deliver solutions that make a real difference”
    The LCMS-8060 is designed to push the limits of LC-MS/MS quantitation for applications requiring the highest sensitivity and robustness while delivering a meaningful solution for routine LC-MS/MS analyses. With the unique UF Q-Array ion guide technology increasing ion production and signal intensity, the LCMS-8060 brings you a new vision of sensitivity and makes a real difference to working faster and better.
  • CLAM-2030 "Fully automated sample preparation for LC-MS/MS"  
    The CLAM-2030 (RUO) is the evolution of the first and unique fully automated sample preparation module (CLAM-2000) coupled online with LC-MS/MS available on the market for a wide range of applications. Take the chance to discover all the new possibilities and the latests applications like 5-FU analysis or toxicology screening.
  • MALDI-8020: "Benchtop linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer"
    A high performance benchtop linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer designed for routine MALDI-based workflows. Ideal to develop new tests and profiling solutions. Sample throughput is increased by the use of solid-state laser and traceability is insured by a unique patented barcode reader on the system.
  • Alsachim SIL +  reagent kits
    Alsachim offers custom synthesis of stable isotopically labelled molecules including peptides, pharmaceuticals intermediates, biologically active molecules, controlled drug standards (DEA), metabolites, isotopically-labelled reference standards, pesticides, ... In addition, Alsachim has expanded its portfolio by introducing novel clinical reagent kits (RUO & CE-IVD).
  • nSMOL
    Monoclonal antibody analysis by LC-MS/MS with limited proteolysis
  • New Nexera UHPLC system
    Shimadzu’s Nexera series of UHPLC systems offers groundbreaking technology in terms of intelligence, efficiency and design. Advanced AI capabilities and lab management using the Internet of Things (IoT) have been integrated to monitor performance and resource allocation. They make the new Nexera systems a leading-edge and user-friendly solution for versatile industries, setting new benchmarks in UHPLC.

CLAM – Insights from cutting-edge Scientists & Researchers

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