New RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer

Kyoto, Japan 

Shimadzu's new RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer combines superior analysis capabilities with enhanced Ease of Use

Shimadzu announces the release of its RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer, which provides stable analyses at a level of sensitivity that is unrivaled by other instruments in its class.

Achieving an S/N ratio* of 350:1, the highest in its class, the RF-6000 assures high-sensitivity, stable analyses. In addition, the new LabSolutions RF control software has greatly enhanced operability. Moreover, a wealth of options and accessories provides support for a wide variety of applications and analyses. 

The adoption of a much brighter light source allows the RF-6000 to achieve an S/N ratio of 350:1, the highest in its class of instrument. Furthermore, the lifespan of the xenon arc lamp has been greatly extended, to approximately 2,000 hours. This, in combination with the fact that the range of the detector's measurable wavelengths has been widened, assures stable analyses with high precision. Additionally, a larger sample compartment, the adoption of the new LabSolutions RF control software, and a wealth of options mean that an even broader range of customer needs can be accommodated.


1. Outstanding sensitivity, high-speed 3D measurement, and long-lasting light source

By optimizing the internal design, the RF-6000 achieves an S/N ratio of 350:1, the highest in its class, allowing for high-sensitivity analyses of a wide range of samples. Moreover, the speed of 3D measurements has been increased significantly, enabling the acquisition of a 3D spectrum of the full wavelength range in a short time. Samples in very low concentrations or in minute amounts can also be analyzed by making use of optional cells designed for analyzing trace amounts. Lastly, the light source employs a highly stable xenon arc lamp. The illumination lifespan has been increased approximately four times to around 2,000 hours, which helps reduce running costs.

2. Measurements in the long wavelength range up to 900 nm possible as a standard feature; even more comprehensive range of applications now available

It is possible to obtain fluorescence spectra up to 900 nm with a standard configuration. In addition, we have RF-6000 can be apply to new application, for example, the measurement of quantum yield and quantum efficiency in order to evaluate the efficiency of a luminescent material; low-temperature measurement to enable recovery of a sample in order to elucidate artificial photosynthesis; or a search for methods to determine the place of origin for foodstuffs.

3. Enhancements in usability - new control software and a large sample compartment

By adopting the new LabSolutions RF control software, it is now easier to set up an integrated system of analyses and make determinations regarding the suitability of certain instruments. Since this makes it possible to constantly monitor things such as the reduction in the illumination lifespan of the lamp, the recognition status of options, and the operational status of instruments, operators can enjoy a greater sense of confidence when using the instruments. Moreover, since the instrument is equipped as standard with functionality that provides for the real-time acquisition of corrected spectra, even more accurate comparisons with the spectra acquired by other analysis instruments can be performed. Moreover, the RF-6000 features a large sample compartment, enabling the use of a broader range of accessories.


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* S/N ratio: Signal-to-noise ratio. The higher the S/N ratio, the more the effects of noise are reduced. This means that even the smallest peaks can be detected.


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