Novel Universal Detector

Single Detector Approach for Your Complex Analyses

Sensitivity Comparison Between BID and FID

FID is a great choice for hydrocarbons due to its selectivity for the C-H bond. However, it exhibits a poor response to compounds with other functional groups such as: carbonyl, carboxyl, the hydroxyl group (-OH), aldehydes, or halogens. In contrast, the BID achieves superior sensitivity for such compounds, with less variation in relative response.

Sensitivity Comparison Chart

The chart to the right compares the responses of solvents of different classes to the FID and BID. All of the responses are normalized to that of hexane by FID. Across the different compound classes, the BID is more sensitive and exhibits a more consistent response than the FID.

Handles High Boiling Point Components

With a maximum operating temperature of 350C, the BID is capable of analyzing for compounds up to C44.

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