Noviplex Cards

Simple, Rapid, Reproducible Collection of Plasma

Shimadzu has partnered with Novilytic Labs to offer a powerful, new technology for the rapid generation of plasma from whole blood.


NoviplexTM Plasma Prep Cards are simple, powerful microsampling tools used to collect volumetric samples of plasma from non-volumetric applications of whole blood in just minutes. An un-measured application from a finger-stick, mouse tail-bleed (or other source) is all that is required to collect a volumetric plasma sample in only three minutes. Noviplex Cards can be used as a single step, solid-phase method for sample preparation and analyte extraction, eliminating the need for time consuming techniques such as solid phase extraction, centrifugation and evaporation.

The Noviplex Plasma Prep Cards now come in two formats - the original Noviplex Plasma Prep Cards and the Noviplex Duo Plasma Prep Cards.

  Noviplex™ Plasma Prep Cards
Standard Duo
Number of plasma samples generated 1 2
Minimum volume required 25 µl 60 µl
Volume collected per plasma sample 2.5 µl 3.8 µl
Total volume collected per card 2.5 µl 7.6 µl

Whereas the original Noviplex Card collects a single 2.5 µl plasma sample from a variable amount of blood (25 µl – 75 µl), the Noviplex Duo Card prepares two plasma samples from a single application of blood (60 µl – 100 µl). Once collected, the samples are stabilized and following a quick 15 minute drying are ready for shipment worldwide without the need for dry ice. The technology is ideal for use with LC-MS/MS analysis.

Novilytic offers analytical tools, methods and services for application by investigators working in various segments of the health, biological and environmental sciences. Novilytic specializes in the application of quantitative LC/MS/MS tandem mass spectrometry to provide the researcher with reliable results permitting identification and comparative study of peptides, metabolites, drugs and other biomarkers.

Properties of the Noviplex Card:

  • 99% removal of red blood cells (based on Hb levels in plasma).
  • Plasma sampling volumes of 2.5 µL (7.6 µL DUO).
  • Inter-card CV of ~1% (~3% DUO) in plasma collection volume at constant hematocrit (HCT).
  • Inter-card CV of 2% collection volume variation with 20% to 71% HCT
  • Proteins are deposited as a monolayer upon drying.
  • Metabolites are present in the protein monolayer.

Significant advantages of Noviplex Card technology include:

  • Rapid sample preparation for MS-based analysis, while maintaining assay reproducibility and selectivity.
  • Volumetric plasma sample collection using a single drop of whole blood.
  • Specimen volumes as low as 25 µL.
  • Noviplex cards simplify sample preparation. Eliminates need for solvent extraction, centrifugation and evaporation.
  • Exceptional reproducibility independent of hematocrit.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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