Photo-diode Array detector


PDA Detector: SPD-M40

The SPD-M40 detector achieves an extremely high level of  sensitivity (Noise level ≤ 4.5 x 10-6 AU) and linearity (2.5 AU). This allows quantitation of very low levels of impurities even in highly concentrated samples. It is equipped with a UV cut-off filter, which prevents sample degradation due to UV light, helping to maintain robust analysis by minimizing sample decomposition. In addition to conventional cell temperature regulation, the lamp and spectrometer, which are responsible for thermal effects on absorbance, are also thermally regulated, further reducing baseline fluctuations caused by the light source. The built-in cell ID stores cell information in method and data files. A variety of flow cells that can be replaced easily by the user are available for applications ranging from standard HPLC to UHPLC, semi-micro, and preparative purification. Unique software features, such as the i-PDeA II – Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis for single peak extraction from co-eluting bands or the i-DReC – Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator further improve data quality.


PDA Detector: SPD-M30A


This detector achieves a 4 × 10-6 AU noise level. The low volume SR-Cell significantly reduces band dispersion for high sensitivity and peak resolution. This model supports analysis from conventional LC to ultra-fast UHPLC analyses. The optional high-sensitivity cell has an 85 mm optical path length and is able to detect trace components that would usually be difficult to determine using a conventional absorbance detector. Temperature controlled optics further improve baseline stability.


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