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LC/MS/MS Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling

  • Provides Simultaneous Analysis Conditions for 95 Components
  • Enables Simultaneous Analysis in 17 minutes

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites

  • Ion pair or PFPP column method

LC/MS/MS MRM Library for Phospholipid Profiling

The library targets phospholipids containing C14 to C22 fatty acids, and includes MRM transitions for up to 867 components. This library enables performing phospholipid profiling by conducting an initial analysis with a phospholipid classification method. This is followed by creating a method for fatty acid composition determination based on the phospholipid peak detected in the first analysis, and subsequently using this method to perform a second analysis to determine fatty acid composition.

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Lipid Mediators

ESI negative ionization is commonly used for the measurement of fatty acids but in the case of important lipid mediators such as anandamide, ESI positive ionization is preferred because higher sensitivity is achieved. Traditional LC/MS is limited to single-polarity analysis, but Shimadzu's UFMS technology allows the LCMS-8050 to perform 5 msec high-speed polarity switching, enabling multiple classes of analytes to be analyzed in a single run without loss of data quality.

TraverseTM M

Multivariate Analysis Software That Supports MRM Data
Traverse MS data analysis software is intended for high-speed processing of MRM data acquired with Shimadzu triple quadrupole LCMS systems in the field of targeted metabolomics. Using multiple samples and multiple components, the software is able to create graphical and statistically analysis for metabolic pathway analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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