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Now available: Shimadzu News 3 / 2015


  • Shimadzu celebrates its 140th anniversary - Small explorers in the laboratory
  • PAHs: simple analysis with high detection limits. Determination of PAHs or mineral oils in water using fluorescence spectroscopy 
  • Higher safety for avionics and automotive. Very high cycle fatigue assessment of laser additive manufactured parts 
  • »This car really smells new« Emissions testing of motor vehicle interiors 
  • How healthy is beer? The German Beer Purity Law of 1516  

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Further information

  • Article "This car really smells new"
    Application Note: "Analysis of VOC and FOG emissions from moulded components for automobiles according to VDA 278"

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  • Article "58 real life applications on food quality and food safety"
    Article "Tracing contaminants in polymeric kitchen utensils"
    Application Handbook "Food, Beverages, Agriculture"  


  • Article "Extra virgin olive oil: genuine or fake?"
    Application Note:
    "Iodine number determination using FTIR-ATR-Spectroscopy"

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Download now issue 3/2015 (PDF, 3 MB)

Shimadzu News 2 / 2015


  • Shimadzu celebrates its 140th anniversary - Genzo Shimadzu´s trip around the world 
  • New instrument with extended application areas. For liquid and solid substances: RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer 
  • Changes Everything … New family member - The fastest triple-quadrupole LCMS-8060 system extends LCMS product portfolio 
  • The Swiss Knife of analytics - Unified Chromatography applying the new Nexera UC SFE-SFC-MS System
  • Determination of organic pollution of wastewater - A comparison between COD and TOC 

Further information:

  • Article "Farewell to sample preparation"

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Shimadzu News 1 / 2015


  • From a “local workshop” to a global player - Shimadzu celebrates its 140th anniversary
  • The secrets of a Swiss watch - « In our lab we R.E.A.C.H. the very secrets of matter »
  • Hidden danger - Faster and more sensitive detection of mycotoxins in baby food
  • and more 
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The animal kingdom suffers from plastic wastes - FTIR analysis of polymers in fulmars
»It is the dose that makes the poison« - Fast and reliable elemental analysis of drinking water Application Examples (Link)
Happy children´s eyes Shimadzu´s social Engagement

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