Shimadzu News 2017

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  • products
  • developments in analytical instrumentation and materials testing.

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  • New milestone - The new Nexis GC-2030
  • Switch + Go - Nexera UC/s – Analysis and evaluation of chiral drugs
  • A century of experience - Shimadzu celebrates 100 years of testing machines


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"The Next Industry Standard - Nexis GC-2030 – a new milestone in precision and sensitivity"

"Harmful substances in textiles - Detection of harmful substances in textiles using LC-MS/MS"

"Food and food packaging: non-intentionally added substances - FTIR, EDX and LC-GC-online Technique for colored, non-transparent plastic packaging"

"A century of experience – 100th anniversary of testing machines"

"New – Materials Testing Application Handbook - 100th anniversary of materials testing equipment"





  • Soil pollution - Analysis of pesticide residues
  • Boosts productivity - The LCMS-8045 workhorse system with key features of UFMS
  • New solutions for tomorrow: Launch of Shimadzu European Innovation Center

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"Pesticides: killers of bee colonies"

"Boosts productivity – The LCMS-8045 workhorse system with key features of UFMS to improve throughput"

"On the safe side with MCERTS accreditation – Online TOC-4200 reveals its strengths during field tests"