Simple to Operate from GCMSsolution

Simple to Operate from GCMSsolution

AOC-6000 parameter settings and control are managed in GCMSsolution*2 software. Analysis accuracy control is easy since the AOC-6000 and GC/MS analysis conditions are stored with the measured data.

AOC-6000 method files (for liquid, HS, and SPME injections) are preconfigured with typical analysis conditions. Injection volume and other parameters that need to be changed for each analysis can be easily edited.

Overlap Function Heightens the Analysis Efficiency

The AOC-6000 performs sample pretreatment and analysis in parallel. As a result, no time is lost in the continuous analysis of samples requiring HS sampling or other time-consuming pretreatments.

Continuous Analysis with HS Injections Using the Overlap Function

Conditions to perform pretreatment and analysis in parallel are preconfigured in AOC-6000 method files.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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