Smart Performance

Smart Performance

Equipped with an ion source that features high sensitivity and long-term stability, and a high-efficiency collision cell, the system can provide sensitive, stable analyses over a long period of time. Also, since it incorporates the Nexis™ GC-2030, high-precision control over flowrate and temperature is assured, enabling the acquisition of highly reliable data.

Highly Sensitive and Stable Ion Source

The effect of the filament's electric potential on the ion source is reduced by placing more distance between the filament and ion source box. In addition, a shield blocks out radiant heat generated from the filament to ensure the ion source box temperature remains uniform. Since this prevents any active spots within the ion source, it provides higher sensitivity for analysis.
(Patent: US7939810)

New Flow Controller Achieves Exceptional Reproducibility

A new flow controller (AFC) with a CPU uses various control methods to control carrier gas flow to a constant flow speed, flowrate, or pressure. It can also accurately trace the analytical conditions already being used. The split line filter can be replaced without any tools. Internal contamination can be confirmed visually, ensuring filters are replaced at the proper time.

One Touch Inlet Maintenance

ClickTek Nut

The injection port can be opened or closed without tools by simply sliding the ClickTek™ lever. Replace the insert, slide the lever and feel the click for a leak-free install every time.

High-Performance Quadrupole Mass Filter

The high-accuracy mass filter with pre-rods and patented electric field control technology achieves high-accuracy mass separation performance. Also, the pre-rods minimize quadrupole contamination and eliminate the need for quadrupole maintenance.

MRM Mass Chromatograms (Pesticides, 1 pg/μL)

Advanced GC Oven

The improved temperature control function enables more precise temperature control of the GC oven, which improves the precision of retention time reproducibility. In addition, three oven cooling rate levels can be specified to minimize damage to column liquid phases and maximize the service life.

Mass Chromatogram of Benzo[a]pyrene (Overlaid Plotting of Measurements Repeated Eight Times)

Repeatability with Polycyclic
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)


Technology That Makes Possible the Simultaneous Analysis of Several Hundred Components

OFF-AXIS Ion Optics

Lower detection limits are achieved by collision cell and OFF-AXIS Ion Optics, a patent technology, which is capable of bending the axis of Q3 pre-rod. Meta-stable and neutral ions are removed without sacrificing sensitivity.

High-Efficiency Collision Cell UFsweeper™

Shimadzu's proprietary UFsweeper technology achieves high-speed MRM analysis at speeds up to 800 transitions per second. It sweeps residual ions from the collision cell to provide high-efficiency CID and fast ion transport. Rapid ion removal minimizes cross-talk and enables trace analysis.

Automatic Method Creation  

Smart MRM™ is a function that sets the optimal measurement time for each component, and automatically creates a method. Since only the data during the elution times of the targeted components is acquired, even when simultaneously analyzing several hundred components, detection occurs without any loss in sensitivity, even with trace concentrations.

Analysis of Pharmaceutical in Blood Plasma (Nefiracetam)


Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of 20 Components Dwell Time: 32 msec

Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of 400 Components Dwell Time: 2.7 msec

MRM Chromatogram

Mass Chromatogram and %RSD of Each Pesticide (5 pg/μL)

High-Sensitivity Analysis by Single GC-MS Mode 

Due to a highly sensitive ion source and highly sensitive detector with overdrive lenses, the GCMS-TQ8040 NX is able to select and detect generated ions efficiently. That achieves high sensitivity not only for MRM measurements in the GC-MS/MS mode, but also for scan and SIM measurements in the GC/MS mode. In addition, pre-rods help prevent quadrupole contamination, so that stable sensitivity and mass spectra can be obtained even when samples containing many matrices are analyzed.

Left: GCMS-QP2020 NX, Right: GCMS-TQ8040 NX Reproducibility for n = 5

Scan Analysis Results for Fenitrothion

Mass Spectrum from NIST Library

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