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Contaminant Library for LabSolutions IR

This is Shimadzu's latest original library. It is an effective tool for analyzing contaminants in tap water and food. In addition to containing information on actually sampled contaminants and information about water supply maintenance parts commercially available in Japan, the library also includes X-ray fluorescence profiles (PDF files) to significantly improve the accuracy of contaminant searches. Unlike existing libraries, this contains data on mixed compounds and incorporates all the depth of knowledge and experience needed to make qualitative assessments.

Thermal-Damaged Plastics Library*

Unlike existing libraries, this library contains data of degraded plastics that have been oxidized by heating. The library demonstrates its effectiveness when the contaminants include degraded substances, as is often the case.

* The library was compiled by Shimadzu Corporation from spectra measured and acquired by the Hamamatsu Technical Support Center,

Time Course Software

The time course program is used to collect spectra in regular intervals and creates a time course dataset used to follow reactions as a function of time. Changes in peak height and peak area can be used to calculate values related to reaction kinetics. Time course information is saved and displayed in 3D (bird's eye view) or in a contour plot. It can be recalculated by modifying parameters. The scan interval is dependent on resolution and number of scans. Maximum measurement time is 48 hours but it depends on scan parameters. The time course software includes a 3D Processing program.

EDXIR-Analysis Software

EDXIR-Analysis software is specially designed to perform qualitative analysis using data acquired by an energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) fluorescence spectrometer and a Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR). This software is used to perform an integrated analysis of data from FTIR, which is excellent at the identification and qualification of organic compounds, and from EDX, which is excellent at the elementary analysis of metals, inorganic compounds and other content. It then pursues identification results and the degree of matching. It can also be used to perform EDX or FTIR data analysis on its own. The library used for data analysis (containing 485 data files) is original to Shimadzu, and was created through cooperation with water supply agencies and food manufacturers. Additional data can be registered to the library, as can image files and document files in PDF format. It is also effective for the linked storage of various types of data as electronic files.

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