Total Organic carbon method

A common practice for the evaluation of water-soluble organic compounds, is the Total Organic carbon method (TOC). TOC analysis captures all carbon from organic compounds in one analysis and can be analyzed quickly and easily. Shimadzu has been a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality TOC analyzers since 1967. Our state-of-the-art TOC-L analyzers maximize both sensitivity and productivity, making them the ideal choice for performing validation processes to meet the required regulations.

Integrated sample preparation minimizes your workload

TOC-L automatically acidifies, degasses and even dilutes samples, reducing the necessity for sample pretreatment to a minimum. The automatic dilution function simplifies calibration by creating multi-point calibrations from a single stock solution.

Easier, more intuitive operation

Our TOC-Control software has been designed to simplify analysis work with an easy-to-understand display screen and a variety of functions, including drag-and-drop batch creation, accuracy control functions and GxP conformity. Within the LabSolutions framework the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 are met easily.

Validate the cleanliness of orthopedic implants 

With its TOC-L series TOC analyzer, Shimadzu offers a highly suitable tool to validate the cleanliness of orthopedic implants by liquid extraction according to international standard ISO 19227 “Implants for surgery – Cleanliness of orthopedic implants”.

Get more info by downloading our Application-Note!

Analyze parts of medical device or complete components 

Additionally, it is possible the analyze parts of medical device or complete components such as bone screws, using the TOC-L solid sampling module SSM-5000A.


Get more info by downloading our Application-Note!

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