Ultimate Sensitivity

Ultimate Sensitivity


Achieving Maximum Sensitivity


The SPD-M30A photodiode array detector adopts the high-sensitivity, low-dispersion capillary cell, SR-Cell, which achieves a 0.4×10-5 AU noise level. The SPD-M30A offers the ultimate in UHPLC analysis, providing high-sensitivity and high-resolution.
An optional higher-sensitivity cell is also available.



Superior Dynamic Range


The SPD-M30A achieves a superior dynamic range with the standard cell. Although a trace-level peak of 0.005% was added in the following example, the simultaneous quantitative analysis of the main peak and the trace peak is possible. If a wider dynamic range is needed, i-DReC makes it possible.


Example of analysis when adding impurities of 0.005% for a main component


Higher Sensitivity UHPLC Analysis


UHPLC analysis is susceptible to sample diffusion, which occurs inside a cell. However, if using the SR-Cell, sharper peaks can be obtained. In the following example, the signal intensity of the impurity peaks improved, and the S/N ratio is about double. If using the SPD-M30A, trace-level impurities can be detected with high-sensitivity.







For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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